This is truly a unique lens! Pentax still is a pioneer in making fisheye zooms. This is a full frame lens with full rectangular fisheye (180 deg.) effect on the 17mm end. Being a full-frame fisheye, with 180 degree field of view (diagonal) at 17mm, this lens will get you shots you couldn't get any other way. it's not only a 17mm fisheye lens. It's also a fisheye lens throughout its zoom range, all the way to 28mm. At 28mm, it still appears wider than a traditional rectilinear 28mm lens. And still retains that characteristic fisheye look. Why would you want this? Because though with excessive use a fisheye can look rather cliche`, with proper use a good fisheye can give a smattering of fun to a portfolio of shots or a photo essay. And with the ability to get that fisheye look while still zooming in and out, you are able to frame your fisheye-looking shot in infinitely more ways than a fixed 17mm fisheye. You will find this lens useful in situations ranging from landscape, to architecture, to people-shots, to indoor photography in tight spaces like the interior of a small sailboat.

This particular lens has been lightly used but is in excellent physical condition, very nice and clean. There are no hazes, scratches or fungus on the glass. The SMC coating on the glass looks gorgeous! The zoom ring turns smoothly. The aperture ring shifts well. The aperture blades are snappy.It works with any Pentax K-mount or bayonet mount cameras. It also works with the Pentax digital SLRs like *ist DS, DL, K100D and K10D albeit the 1.5x crop factor. The lens comes with both the rear and front lens caps, a warranty card, a Pentax lens catalog and the original retail box.

Amount of Use
Very Light
Serial No.
Aperture Blades
Serial No.
Front and Rear lens caps

Feel free to go to Stans-Photography and check out the reviews on this lens. Here are some sample comments:

"It is a full frame fisheye..and a good one at that, especially if stopped down a bit."

"When you consider the need for a fisheye (180 degree), this Pentax 17/28 beats them all hands down. You get the extreme coverage at a reasonable (as compared to the rest of the bunch) fisheye lenses, with the advantage of zooming (fine trimming your super wide photos)."

"I call it "the little monster in my camera bag" because no one would believe its capacity by its appearance. Optically is a weird sucker. It gives full 180 deg (diagonal) fisheye at 17 mm, and zooms to 90 deg (diag) at 28 mm. Barrel distortion is always present even at 28 mm. It is not a lens for architectural work, unless you want the barrel distortion, but for nature and landscapes is a beauty. If you manage to center the horizon line, then unless the spectator know the place, it is difficult to tell its a fisheye picture. Optically is fine and has good sharpness, very good flare control and almost not light falloff. I think its worth every penny."

" I have this lens and use it quite a lot. One of the unique things about it is that it zooms from about 180 degrees down to a view that is close to a standard 20mm rectilinear lens. It sort of allows you to dial in the curvature that you want. I use the zoom quite a bit as many images don't need 180 degrees, but just cropped in a little. I think this capability makes it worth considering over third party choices. I would also guess that at this wide FOV that flare would be a big issue. I believe that the SMC coating will make a big difference compared to the third parties. It's one sweet lens. . ."