A used SMC PENTAX-A ZOOM 28-135mm 1:4 manual focus lens. This is a classic 'not so easy to find' PENTAX A series zoom lens. The lens is a bit heavy to use as a walk-around lens, but it is a sharp lens that produces very contrasty images. The lens works great with Pentax digital SLRs like *ist DS, DL, K100D and K10D where it acts as a 42-202mm equivalent of 35mm film cameras.

The lens barrel shows signs of use but the glass is in fantastic condition. There are no scratches, hazes or fungus on the glass and the SMC coating looks to be in excellent shape. The lens has a two-touch action, one collar for zoom and the other for focus. Both the zoom and focusing collars rotate smoothly. The aperture blades are snappy.

Condition 7/10
Amount of Use Fair
Serial No. 5598372
Aperture Blades Snappy
Focusing Smooth
Zoom Smooth
Hazes/Fungus None
Blemishes Fair amount of scratches and scuff marks
Included Rear caps, protective filter.