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Pastor Tino & Sis Brenda Macial

Pastor Maciel came from Baytown Texas in 1980 and began his ministry in our youth ministry department under the direction of Rev. Arnold.  In 1987, pastor Maciel became the Mid-Atlantic District youth director where he directed monthly youth services and yearly youth camps.  In 1999, after the departure of Pastor Carr, pastor Maciel became the interim pastor.  He held this position until 2000 when he was offer the permanent position.  Pastor Maciel and his wife are graduates of Southern Bible College in Houston. They have been married since 1974 and are parents to three children.  They have been active in various ministries since leaving Southern Bible College.  They worked in youth ministry at Victory Temple church, in Baytown Texas, before teaching at Northshore Baptist Academy in Houston Texas for four years.




Young Adult Ministers

Kenis & Jenn Maciel

Kenis Maciel has been attending Life Tabernacle since he was a young child and looks forward to raising his own family in the same church.  Kenis attended the University of Virginia at Wise and received a degree in Sociology.  He has worked in the Youth Ministry for 10 years and has served as the District Youth Director for the Mid-Atlantic Coast District for 5 years.  In addition, he aslo serves as a firefighter for Roanoke County.  Kenis and Jenn were married in October of 2009 and Jenn has attended Life Tabernacle for the past year.  Jenn has served in various areas of ministry and currently works in Radiology for Roanoke Memorial Hospital.



Against the Flow Student Minister (Middle & High School)

Victor Maciel has been the Youth Leader since October 2009.  He has attending Life Tabernacle all his life.  Victor attended the University of Virginia at Wise and received a degree in Education and Mathematics.   He currently teaches at a local school and is the JV football coach.  The Spring of 2012 he will be completing his Master's Degree in Mathematics from Radford University.  He has a passion for God's word and serving God's people.  



KIDS L.I.F.E Leaders (K-5th grade)

Christie West  is involved within both our youth and children's department.  Her and her family has been attending Life Tabernacles since early 2000.  She works within both ministries providing assistants and service.  Along with Candice and Lindsey, they all are passionate about raising up a NEW generation of children with a love for Jesus to GO and make disciples for HIM! 



Minister of Intercessory Prayer

Drema Cole

Drema has directed this program in the church for the past five years and through these years we have witnessed God’s unfailing power being revealed.  We have witnessed lives that were given up to death received additional life because of his power to heal.  Lives that were infected with cancer only to be delivered from this disease because He is still the great physician.  Drema is currently in her third year of attending Messenger College in an effort to complete her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.




Director Of Home Missions 

Marissa Herndon has been attending Life Tabernacle for the past 10 years.  She serves as our Home Missions director and Women's Ministry Leader.  She has a passion to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Our church is involved in local and district wide outreach programs such as Impact Appalachia, Rescue Mission, Straight Street, Maggy Valley Indian Missions, and many more.  She finds a need whether within our local community, wihtin our church, or outside of our city and pours into fullfilling that need.  Mark 10:45 represents the mission and purpose behind it all, "For the son of man did not come to be served, BUT TO SERVE!"



Christian Education Director

Fiona Parker serves as our Christian Education Director and Worship Minister.  She has attended Life Tabernacle since she was 10 years old.  She is a graduate from Messenger College with a degree in Ministry and Music.  She currenlty works for Roanoke City Public Schools.  



Chris West serves as our Athletic Director.  Our church has been fortunate to provide various athletic opportunities for our church body and as well as our community.  Our children have the opportunity to be involved in Basketball with other local churches each year.  Our men are involved in a local Softball league.  Chris and his family have been attending Life Tabernacle since early 2000.  

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